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The Coming Grass

Beauty of a Heart – 2006 (Velvet Ed Music)

Reviewed by Rick Teverbaugh

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The Coming Grass sounds a bit like Uncle Tupelo, had that seminal group had a female vocalist. Now before dismissing this review as blasphemy, the group hasn't come anywhere near Tupelo's groundbreaking quality. But given some time, this Maine-based quintet might get on that path.

Guitarists Nate Schrock and Steve Jones form the heart of the band and were also in the group's original lineup. Schrock writes the lyrics and gives the group its male vocal sound.

Yet, the material really takes off when Sara Cox gets her turn at the microphone. Her vocals seem to always find the perfect marriage of subtlety and immediacy. After Schrock opens by singing three tunes, Cox steals the show on "Polly" and follows it with an even stronger showing on "Cold Outside."

Ginger Cole's drumming is exceptional even though the tempo rarely leaps into high gear. The Coming Grass is roots rock at its understated best.