Black Music Matters Festival

Alan Jackson

High Mileage – 1998 (Arista)

Reviewed by Jeffrey B. Remz

The title of Alan Jackson's latest doesn't mean he has gone high energy. In fact, there is a pervasive, low-key consistency throughout the 10 songs.

Jackson delivers them in his usual easy-going style though he, for the most part, hails love (the lead-off swing of "Right on the Money," the very spare, sad ballad "Gone Crazy" and "A Woman's Love"). Not surprising considering his very public separation and reunification with his wife.

He stays serious, though, giving social commentary, on "Little Man," an ode to the main street shopkeeper before the "Big money shut 'em down/and killed the little man."

Jackson gets more playful on "Another Good Reason," light heartedly warning against the perils of drinking. It's sort of a thematic cousin to "I Don't Even Your Name." Jackson doesn't break new ground except on the first single, the throwback mainly spoken word single "I'll Go On Loving You," an ode to love if there ever was one. Aside from that, it's tried and true, but once again AJ serves up a strong, cohesive album.