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Chad Brock

Yes! – 2000 (Warner)

Reviewed by Jeffrey B. Remz

CDs by Chad Brock

Former wrestler Chad Brock's ultimate weapon is his voice. The tough guy has a sensitive-sounding voice, capable of adding a dose of emotion to songs usually about love.

But beyond the voice, there isn't a whole lot of depth on his soph effort. Riffs aren't particularly engaging, sounding recycled. Brock and producers Norro Wilson and Buddy Cannon seemed content to make a radio-friendly album la Kenny Chesney whom he somewhat sounds like.

And in that they succeeded. The hit single, title track - based on how Brock met his wife - is catchy and easy on the ears. Ditto for "She Does" and "Young Enough to Know it All" where Rob Hajacos' fiddle spices the song. But "A Country Boy Can Survive (Y2K version)" with help from George Jones and Hank Williams Jr. seems included to add some hillbilly cred to Brock's resume.

The softer ballads ("The Visit") are not particularly exciting or trailblazers either. The smoother sounding "Love Lives (Events of the Heart)," about a future father-in-law who finally gives his blessing, is lyrically saccharin. And that about describes this pleasant, but inoffensive album.