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Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver

Sing Me a Song About Jesus – 2012 (Mountain Home)

Reviewed by Donald Teplyske

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Having alternated between secular and inspirational titles for the past decade, Doyle Lawson and his ever revolving Quicksilver membership understand what it takes to make an enjoyable spiritual album. One needn't be Christian to enjoy the harmonies and clean, understated instrumentation of bluegrass gospel especially since "Sing Me a Song About Jesus" contains these elements in abundance.

One may question the wisdom of starting off an album, even a gospel one, with a song so tied to Christmas. Little Star, based on inspiration provided by the journey of the three wise kings, sets the stage from the get-go: Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver are going to continue to do things their own way.

This recent collection features three cuts by Randy Swift, whose Land of the Dying appeared on DLQ's "Help Is On The Way" album of four years ago. Each of these songs is memorable, and God Can features an especially strong vocal arrangement.

I Saw Him Walk Out of the Sky and It Took A Man Like That, while rather predictable fare, are delivered with passion and no small amount of righteous certitude.

Going on Home and The Greatest Creator are the requisite a cappella selections, and they sure do sound pretty. Strongly influenced by the southern gospel style, this album also features songs from Jeannie C. Riley and Dee Gaskin as well as a couple of Lawson co-writes. The album's finest performance may well be one of these; written with Quicksilver's Corey Hensley and Michael Rogers, the title track skips along at a livelier and more inspiring pace than other songs.