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Florida Georgia Line

Here's to the Good Times This is How We Roll – 2013 (Republic/Universal)

Reviewed by Jeffrey B. Remz

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Perhaps a few fans didn't get enough of Florida Georgia Line's "Here's to the Good Times," which came out in December 2012. That release contained all five songs of the duo's second EP "It'z Just What We Do" from May 2012. Not to mention the super uber mega-hit Cruise and fellow number ones Get Your Shine On, Round Here and Stay.

With "This is How We Roll," Tyler Hubbard (he's the one with the longer hair) and Brian Kelly follow the well-trodden path of their fellow contemporary artists like Hunter Hayes - things are going great with the first album. Hits are all over the radio. But instead of releasing a full-scale follow-up, put out a deluxe version down the road with some new songs, which the fans will buy up.

The five new songs on FGL's deluxe model go down the same easy road as "Here's to the Good Times." The songs are catchy and lean far more heavily towards rock than they do to country (there are snippets of country instrumentation here and there - a mandolin in Take It Out On Me, for example) and, of course, FGL gets down with hick hop country, closing with the disc with the song that garnered them a huge crowd, the Cruise (Remix) version with Nelly. But that should be no surprise given the first line of This is How We Roll: "The mixtape's got a little Hank, little Drake." Luke Bryan adds his voice to the song, which also contains a hip hop segment.

On the new material, Kelly and Hubbard's vocals veer towards the snarling, rocking side as well, just above the blaring guitars, although they soften it up on Hands On You.

"This is How We Roll" isn't all that different from what catapulted FGL to the top. For current fans, it satiates their appetite for anthemic, ultra radio friendly, severely watered down country.