Sundy Best - door without a screen Deluxe Edition
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door without a screen Deluxe Edition (eOne, 2013)

Sundy Best

Reviewed by Andrew Greenhalgh

Sundy Best is the latest act to emerge from the Appalachian Mountains of eastern Kentucky, boasting a rich, acoustic sound with surprisingly rich songwriting. Consisting of Nick Jamerson on guitars and vocals and Kris Bentley who helms percussion duties, the two friends seek to bring the "kin folk movement" to bear, offering up "real and relatable" songs on an extension of their Kickstarter debut with the deluxe version of "Door Without a Screen."

The deluxe is a real treat for both longtime fans and newcomers to the band, featuring eighteen tracks that showcase the band in the studio and live. It's a testament to Sundy Best's talent that the live tracks stand up well to the studio, the playfulness of Drunk Rightas compelling and fun a listen live and lending some extra life to Jamerson's Steve Earle-esque vocals while My Old Kentucky Home/These Days benefits from the crowd's energy.

Of course, the real highlights are still the studio tracks and from the rousing raucousness of Kentucky Woman to the rolling open road country of Mountain Parkway, Sundy Best impresses. Songs like Rowdy Gang shine, the production raw and muted while they blast through a dirty blues riff that finds Jamerson singing, "Well this little light will shine me through the night/Of all my darkness and sin/Amazing grace drowns out the taste/Of the devil's cup again" as My Friends and Me is an easygoing ramble that looks back at the simple joys of youth over acoustic guitar and simple percussion.

Occasionally the band runs the risk of letting their acoustic sound overwhelm them, finding a few of the tracks falling prey to overly similar, if well performed and written, arrangements but by and large this proud Appalachian band does plenty to make Floyd County proud and should be a welcome listeners for fans of rich, acoustic country.

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