Anna Fermin's Trigger Gospel

Oh The Stories We Hold – 2003 (Undertow)

Reviewed by T.J. Simon

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Anna Fermin's Trigger Gospel has finally gotten around to releasing a follow-up album to 1999's "Things Change." The resulting disc is an extremely likable country pop album in the tradition of Shelby Lynn or Toni Price.

Co-produced by ex-Wilco second banana, Jay Bennett, the album has a smooth, mellow sound that jibes well with Fermin's straightforward songwriting approach and rich voice. The highlight is "My Town," a memorable ode to Fermin's hometown of Chicago. Latin jazz flourishes decorate the disc particularly on the tracks "White Birch" and the bossa-nova "How Do You Judge Me," which features a beautiful classical guitar solo from Norwegian guitarist, Frank Kvinge.

Fermin recalls her man troubles for material without making a "men suck" CD. "Baby Won't You Please Come Home" finds her dripping with regret for mistreating a man before he walked out on her. She also gets to complain about an inadequate lover in "Is That All" and declare that its time to stick the proverbial fork in a relationship on "Dragging On." Although this doesn't reinvent the country pop wheel, it's certainly an album from a musical artist with real promise. Hopefully, Fermin won't wait another four years for a third album.