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Daron Norwood

Ready, Willing and Able – 1995 (Giant)

Reviewed by Robert Loy

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Daron Norwood is a dead ringer for the young David Cassidy, but don't hold that against him. There's a lot of difference between the Texas native who hit the top of the charts with "If It Wasn't For Her, I Wouldn't Have You," and the former front man for the Partridge Family. For one thing, Norwood can sing. Unfortunately, only a few of the songs on his sophomore effort "Ready, Willing and Able"allow Norwood to flex his vocal muscle. Although he has a distinctive baritone and a reputation for a high energy stage show, much here sounds curiously restrained. "I Can't Strike That Match" is the requisite bad pun tune, while "Between The Stones And Jones" is the paean to the Possum that all young country singers seem required to do.