Daryle Singletary

All Because of You – 1996 (Giant)

Reviewed by Larry Stephens

If you're not careful, the name "Haggard" will pop into your head as you listen to Daryle Singletary's second album. There's something in the voice, something in the song selection that reflect a masterful touch, and there's a lot of mastery here.

"The Used To Be's" is a great honky-tonk jukebox song, while "Liar Liar My Heart's On Fire" is a wry look at a not-so-down broken heart. See the guy nursing a broken heart and a drink? He's listening to "Hurts Don't It" or "That's What I Get For Thinkin'. " All he needs to do, though, is go home and sing "Amen Kind Of Love" or "All Because Of You" to her and she'll take him back. You may have to listen to "My Heart Population You" a time or two to catch it, but it defines a love song. There isn't a bad song on this album, and Singletary's voice has a fabulous traditional sound.

If country doesn't melt down into recycled pop, Singletary should become one of its stars.