Dave Sammarco

Time Machine – 2001 (Self-released)

Reviewed by Scott Homewood

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There is certainly something to say for the positive aspects of truth in advertising. The press materials concerning this CD all quote the phrase "even amounts of rock and twang". In this case, the description could not be more apt.

Unlike most artists who have sought to break down the barriers of rock and twang, Dave Sammarco seems to succeed supremely. His engaging mix of the two otherwise distinct styles involves the common denominator of solid storytelling and plenty of guitars bolstering the catchy melodies. If any CD were made for a Friday or Saturday night's ride around the city in your red covertible with the top down, or just to be played at some kicking house party, this is it. The more countryish songs twang in a delightful Bottle Rockets sort of way while the pure rockers sound like Seger/Springsteen circa 1978. In other words, fantastic. Of course, fans of great good-time music who like a little rock added to their twang (ordinarily this CD would be thought of as Southern rock, but the country side shows up here a tad more than say Molly Hatchett or the Allman's) will definitely be playing this more often, but that's how it should be.

Indeed, this drops the listener somewhere in the hopefully not- too- distant future where good songs mean everything and genre expectations and labels mean nothing. ( E-Mail: geronimo69@mindspring.com, 781-646-1969)