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Jim Lauderdale and Donna the Buffalo

Wait 'Til Spring – 2003 (Dualtone)

Reviewed by Brian Steinberg

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Do two great tastes go great together? Jim Lauderdale is known for his melodious voice and blending smart pop sensibilities in with a little roots-rock. Donna the Buffalo is a up and coming jam band that puts everything blues, zydeco and a lot of other stuff into the mix.

This team-up works in some spots and may cause a little confusion in others. For example, the leadoff and title track sounds a little like Lauderdale fronting the Allman Brothers Band - not necessarily an easy concept to get your mind (or ears) around. And "Sapphire" seems to put Lauderdale in the unlikely position of mastering a little dancehall reggae. Then again, "Ginger Peach" is a beautiful, soulful song that combines '70s pop smarts with a little R&B.

While this stuff may not be what comes to mind naturally when these two bands are mentioned, you might at least swirl this jug of wine around a little to see if it's something you like.