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Baillie and the Boys

The Road That Led Me To You – 2000 (Synergy)

Reviewed by Larry Stephens

CDs by Baillie and the Boys

The latest offering from Baillie and the Boys is acoustic, with a strong emphasis on rhythm guitar and mostly understated backup instruments. That's good, a contrast to the percussion-driven hot new country usually heard today. But, it means the vocals must carry the music.

That's all right because Kathy Baillie has one of the purest voices in country music, reminiscent of Crystal Gayle. It's pure, sweet and simple. She makes the songs her own and lets the instruments support her, not hide her.

Their problem will be finding a niche for fans to identify their music. It's certainly not hot, new country, but it's not traditional either. The very mellow melodies, both in song selection and presentation, may leave DJs puzzled where to place it in playlists. "Treat Me Like A Stranger," "I Can't Turn the Tide" and "The Lights of Home" (all from earlier albums) are strong selections here.