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Monologue man a look at the latest country news

Country Musings by Robert Loy, November 2000

The town of Throckmorton, Texas has been suffering a horrible drought. When Billy Ray Cyrus heard about it, he sent a semi-truck full of bottled water there. The kind-hearted Billy Ray even apologized for taking so long, explaining that the truck had a problem with achey-breaky brakes. (Sorry.)

Speaking of Billy Ray Cyrus, "We The People," a cut from his new album, has been chosen as the official campaign song for the Bush 2000 campaign. Pat Buchanan, already anticipating his usual pummeling at the polls in November, has chosen Aaron Tippin's "Kiss This" as his song.

A blouse worn by Shania Twain sold for $1,801 recently in an online auction to raise money to fight juvenile diabetes. When asked for comment, the winning bidder wiped the drool off his chin and said, "How much for the panties?"

Speaking of good-looking country divas, did you know that Bobbie Eakes, who has that hot duet with Collin Raye "Tired of Loving This Way" was a star on the CBS soap "The Bold and the Beautiful" for 11 years? CST will do an interview with her as soon as she gets back from the honeymoon with her 12th husband, who also happens to be her long-lost evil twin brother. (Interview may have to be rescheduled if she gets amnesia again.)

And speaking of acronyms, CMT is thinking of doing its own version of VH1's "The List." Instead of discussing the top 10 love songs of all time and stuff like that, guests will try to decide on the 10 best Lorrie Morgan divorces and George Jones arrests.

And speaking of VH1, did you happen to catch the Dixie Chicks on "Rock and Roll Jeopardy"? The dark-haired Chick won. (Insert your own blonde joke here. I can't do everything for you.)

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