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From the CD side of country, or whatever you call it?

Country Musings by Robert Loy, January 1997

CD stands for compact disc. (Who says this column isn't educational?) They were called "compact" because when they first came out they were in competition with LPs. (LPs or long-players were those big round black things you used to listen to before the record companies convinced you you needed to replace all of them with little round silver things.)

The problem is that LPs are now scarcer than baggy pants in Dwight Yoakam's closet. So although CDs are still discs they are no longer compact because in order to be compact you have to be compact in comparison to something.

Did you follow all that? Well, what it boils down to is: we need a new name for CDs. We can't call them albums or records, that's for sure - the last time I asked a salesman about a particular "album" he asked me what type of victrola I planned to play it on. Should we call them just plain Ds? What do you think?

You guessed it. This is a contest. Send us your best suggestion for a better name for CDs. We will award a brand new Travis Tritt CD (or whatever you call those little round silver things) to the first place winner, two Travis Tritt CDs for the second place winner, and whoever submits the absolute worst suggestion gets an entire Travis Tritt CD library. Just kidding, Mr. Tritt, sir. No prizes, people, just 14 and a half minutes of fame and the undying gratitude of audiophiles everywhere.

Send suggestions to Robert Loy, 4808 Bridle Path, North Charleston, SC 29420 or electronically to

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