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Random thoughts from a guy who thinks about country a lot

Country Musings by Robert Loy, November 2006

How bad is it to be a one (or two) hit wonder? It must be pretty unpleasant, considering that Mindy McCready would rather spend her time in court, in jail and doing community service rather than sing "Ten Thousand Angels" and "Guys Do It All The Time" every night. I swear, it's gotten to where I'm afraid to check out the country news because I don't know what this poor lost child is going to do next. She's already been in trouble for drugs, driving under the influence, identity theft and kidnapping. And she has attempted suicide.

Me, I'd rather live in Branson.

I'm a big fan of Alan Jackson's, and I heard "Monday Morning Church" on the radio the other day, and I realized why I had always loved that song - that's the incomparable Patty Loveless on background vocals. Man, it was great to hear her voice over the airwaves again even if did remind how much I miss having her around singing lead.

Here's something I can't figure out. Country music started out as an amalgam of blues, folk, gospel, traditional Celtic stuff, African slave music and whatever else was around in the Appalachians when it started to coalesce.

Yodeling started out in Switzerland as a way for people on one alp to communicate with people on another alp. (Presumably to inquire if they had any extra Ricola cough drops.) How did these two ever hook up? Appalachia is not known for its cuckoo clocks and lederhosen or other elements of Swiss culture, so how the yodel worked its way into the melting pot is a mystery to me?

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