Country community remembers Oslin
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Country community remembers Oslin

Tuesday, December 22, 2020 – The country music community remembered the late K.T. Oslin citing her song and helping blaze a trail for other female artists.

Oslin, perhaps best known for her hit "80's Ladies," died on Monday at 79 in the Nashville area.

Retired RCA executive Joe Galante, who signed Oslin said in a Billboard article, "In 1988, she became the first-ever female songwriter winner in the category at the CMA Awards for '80's Ladies.' I think her comment was 'I appreciate this award. It signifies that you think I have a brain.' To her, those songs were novels in four minutes and I give her credit in so many ways. She didn't have kids, but part of '80's Ladies"' is channeling that experience and looking at kids you've birthed and seeing you in them. She was an observer in life."

Allison Moorer commented on Facebook about the impact Oslin had on her as a teenager. "When a woman speaks to other women who aren't being spoken to in the right way, or even at all, it changes culture. KT Oslin is the only woman I can think of who made us see that smart was wholeheartedly sexy. She didn't appear to dumb herself down to make others feel more comfortable as was unfortunately the norm when she came along, and even sometimes still is today. Her songs were so special and real."

"I saw my mama relate to "80s ladies" - she recognized herself in it as so many others did. It was and still is an anthem for a lot of women who hadn't been put in a song before. She saw them because she was them."

"And I'll never forget hearing 'Hold Me' for the first time as a 16-year-old and thinking about what worn thin, married love might actually be like instead of the version of it we're so often presented and are apparently supposed to strive for. Her writing was so different. She blazed a trail and did it with more class than music row had seen before and hasn't seen since to my knowledge. A real artist helps us see ourselves. KT Oslin was a real artist."

"All that we've lost in this bastard of a year and this is the one that makes me ugly cry in the car and call my sister to talk about it through the tears," said Moorer (her sister is fellow singer Shelby Lynne).

""I am so sad to hear that K.T. Oslin has passed. She was truly one of the best singers I ever heard. I loved the way she made the words come alive with the expressiveness of her unique voice. Thank God we still have her music to learn from," said Ricky Skaggs.

Terri Clark posted on Facebook, "If there was one song I can say "I wish I had written" ...that one is it. Not much else comes close to it. She had already lived a lifetime and had a career before the world first heard her name. For a woman to achieve fame in her late 40s is nothing short of an anomaly. A true trailblazer who always spoke her mind, yet exuded THE ultimate level of class."

"I'm so grateful to have been given the chance to get to know her a little, and be in her presence during her last years. I will always cherish those memories and try to honor the art and legacy she left behind," Clark said.

"I was a huge K.T. Oslin fan and just recorded one of her songs on my last album with Pam Tillis. She was a big inspiration to me and her writing about the strength of women. I also know she had a great sense of humor and loved to laugh. She was a great lady from a great time of great music. One who will truly be missed by me and many fans," said Lorrie Morgan.

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K.T. Oslin is a very sexy lady and this is a sexy CD. The problem (and it's our problem not K.T.'s) is that she's an "Eighties Lady," old enough to be somebody's grandmother, and we are really uncomfortable with grandmotherly sex. And most other mature relationships. If we were more open-minded, perhaps we could enjoy the title song (from a quote about the ideal relationship from another sexy older and wiser woman, Katherine Hepburn). Perhaps the raw emotion of songs like "A Moment of Forever" ...
Oslin's first album in a half-dozen years is a strange mix. Half the songs leave you wondering if you have the right CD playing. Part of the problem is seeing composers like the Louvin Brothers then hearing a sound you'd expect from MichaelBolton. Oslin's arrangements are - to be kind - quirky. But she can sing when she wants to. "Tear Time" is a great country ballad with that fabulous Patsy Cline sound, and "Miss The Mississippi And You" effectively turns back the clock a half century to the Blue Yodeler. ...

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