HARDY, companions were unconscious in bus accident
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HARDY, companions were unconscious in bus accident

Friday, October 14, 2022 – The bus accident involving HARDY's bus last weekend resulted in all four passengers including the singer being unconscious.

Tanner Gallagher, HARDY's photographer/videographer, posted details of what happened during the accident on Instagram, including that the bus went off the road at 70 miles per hour, flipping and going into the woods.

"It seems like this happened so fast but I feel the need to talk about it officially," he wrote.

"Last week, we had one of the most terrifying accidents happen to us. For those who don't know: around 2:30am last Sunday, our bus ran off the highway at around 70mph flipping us into the woods. There were 4 of us aboard: our driver Ricky, our tour manager Noah who was asleep in his bunk, and me and Hardy who were up in the front lounge. Within what felt like 3 seconds, our bodies were thrown across the room knocking us all unconscious. By the grace of God, we all survived. My injuries included a shattered foot, a punctured lung, 4 broken ribs, and a fractured vertebrae in my neck. And yes, it's been fucking terrible."

"Although I sit here in pain, wrapped up in casts and hardly able to move for the next few weeks/months, I need to point out something important. I was told numerous times by doctors that it was a miracle that we survived... and that'll make you think. I think about the times that i've spent worrying, stressed, upset, been less present or simply took for granted, and it kills me. I think about all the people in my life, family, friends, co workers, etc. and wished that I could have spent more time with them or somehow made them feel better in moments with something as simple and little as a compliment. Most of all, I think about perspective, in that it's so easy for us to lose sight of all of the things we have. Take it from me, be grateful for fucking EVERYTHING. Even if it means just being healthy or being able to wake up for another day to spend doing the things you love. As scary and life threatening as this accident was, I'm glad I now have a better outlook moving forward and it's only going uphill from here. I know this accident could have been a lot worse and for that i'm so grateful. I'm also incredibly thankful for every message, prayer and every person who helped me over the past week, it meant the world."

"I'll be laid up in bed and in a wheelchair for a awhile, and that's okay. So if anyone wants to drop off lunch or something, I will definitely will not stop you. Lastly, in regards to this post, someone please tell Sarah Hardy that i'm sorry for swearing."

HARDU canceled several shows including a stadium show on Oct. 8 in Arlington, Texas with Morgan Wallen. HARDY is next slated to perform Dec. 1 in Athens, Ga.

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