Church, Wallen purchase Field & Stream
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Church, Wallen purchase Field & Stream

Thursday, January 25, 2024 – Field & Stream, the 153-yar-old publication devoted to hunting, fishing and , has new owners - Morgan Wallen and Eric Church.

The publication began as a magazine in 1895, but went web only in 2015 due to financial issues. Wallen and Church vowed to publish a print edition twice a year.

Wallen said on Facebook, "There's nothin' I love more than being with friends around a campfire, on a boat or in a deer stand - and Field & Stream represents all of those to me. Being part of its future is incredible and we want to keep bringing people together outdoors, makin' memories, for generations to come.​"

"Rarely does an opportunity come along to be a part of something truly great," Wallen and Church said in a statement on the Field & Stream website. "Part of something that has served as a trusted companion to generation after generation. Part of something that has helped shape how we experience and tell stories about the outdoors."

"Field & Stream has done exactly that for more than a century. From day one, they've been inspiring readers to pack a bag and get outside. They've tipped us off to fishing holes, advised us on where to hang a tree stand, and reminded us that sometimes it's best to stop calling and let that gobbler come to you. Most importantly, they never stopped sharing what matters most: the stories that come from spending time outdoors with friends and family."

"However, we all face seasons of change, and the last few years have included plenty of that for Field & Stream. With changes in how its legendary stories were told and where its products were sold, Field & Stream's legacy in the outdoor space was at risk. The brand meant too much to us to let that happen."

"And that's why we teamed up to preserve Field & Stream. To lend our voices to this iconic American brand so that it can continue to inspire future generations to experience and enjoy the outdoors, just as it has for us and those who came before us. It's time to return Field & Stream to its rightful home: into the hands of those who love the outdoors and the tales that come from being there."

"The stories told by Field & Stream deserve to be immortalized in the same way we all originally came to know the brand—in a hold-it-in-your-hands magazine. And that's exactly what we are going to do. Exclusively through membership in the 1871 Club, a bigger and better Field & Stream will be delivered twice a year directly to your mailbox, along with some other surprises we know you'll enjoy. "

"We know this job won't be easy. Living up to a legend never is. But history is invaluable, and Field & Stream's is incomparable."

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