Jake Owen in "surprise" record promotion
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Jake Owen in "surprise" record promotion

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 – Jake Owen ended up promoting his debut disc Tuesday at a California Best Buy, though he didn't intend to do so when he walked through the doors.

While in Rancho Cucamonga, Cal., Owen stopped in to a Best Buy store to see his album, "Startin' With Me," on the shelves and pick up a copy. While standing in front of the CD rack, the store manager came by to see if Owen needed any help. He looked at Owen, then looked down at the CD, which features the hit "Yee Haw" and said, "Hey, is that you?" Owen responded, "Yes sir, today's the first day you can buy my album, and I just had to actually see it in the store for myself."

While they were talking, a young woman walked up and grabbed a copy of the album, and as she started to walk away, the manager asked, "Would you like for Jake here to sign your album?" Quite surprised, the woman told Owen, "I love your song." The store manager ended up buying a copy for himself, as did several other store employees.

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