Atkins Cracker Barrel release out today
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Atkins Cracker Barrel release out today

Monday, September 6, 2010 – Rodney Atkins is releasing a CD through Cracker Barrel today, " Cracker Barrel Presents Rodney Atkins," with four number one songs and an unreleased track.

The disc contains number ones These Are My People and Watching You, and the current Billboard Top 20 and rising single Farmer's Daughter, which has surpassed 300,000 digital downloads. The CD also features the previously unreleased song More Like Your Memory (Always Takes Me Back), and is available only at Cracker Barrel.

More Like Your Memory (Always Takes Me Back) is one of the first songs that Atkins wrote and which opened the door to producing his own records with long-time co-producer, Ted Hewitt.

Atkins releases most of his music through Curb, but has a special deal with Cracker Barrel to release this set.

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