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John Rich dropping two EPs in May

Tuesday, May 3, 2011 – John Rich will be a double threat come May 17. He will release EPs, "Rich Rocks," along with "For the Kids," paying tribute to the friends and families of his favorite charity, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Rich is currently one of six contestants left on NBC's"Celebrity Apprentice," where he is competing for St. Jude. A portion of the proceeds from For the Kids will go directly to support the foundation.

Rich is one-half of Big & Rich, which is returning this summer with a tour and recording new music. Rich also has been active as a solo artist ("Son Of A Preacher Man") and writing and producing other artists.

"Rich Rocks" includes Rich's single Country Done Come to Town.

Track Listing for Rich Rocks:
1. Country Done Come to Town
2. You Had Me From Hell No (featuring Lil Jon)
3. Mack Truck featuring Kid Rock
4. You Rock Me
5. Texas feat. Cowboy Troy
6. Let Somebody Else Drive (featuring Hank Williams, Jr.)

Track Listing for For the Kids:
1. For the Kids
2. Thank God for Kids
3. Where Angels Hang Around
4. She's a Butterfly
5. Simplify
6. Rescue Me

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Rich Rocks CD review - Rich Rocks
You have to question John Rich's motives when he opens a CD titled "Rich Rocks" with a track titled Country Done Come To Town. What is he: A rocker or a country boy? Well, it turns out, like most popular country stars these days, he's a little of both. (Oh, and he also thinks he's a little rap, too). Texas features Cowboy Troy, a longtime friend of Big & Rich. The song is not really rap, however, as it mostly speaks about how you take the boy out of Texas, but you »»»
For the Kids CD review - For the Kids
A better title for this six-song John Rich album is "For Parents of Kids" because these tracks aren't really directed at kid listeners. There are no tunes about animals or toys. Rich never sings in a silly voice. Heck, he doesn't even tell a corny joke. The most telling song on this collection is Thank God for Kids, once a big hit for The Oak Ridge Boys. The former is significant because all these songs express thankfulness for the little ones in our lives. »»»
Son Of A Preacher Man CD review - Son Of A Preacher Man
John Rich managed to find time to make an album of his own music after producing others, writing songs, hosting "Gone Country" and maybe thinking about Big & Rich. He starts off strongly out of the box with his single Shuttin Detroit Down, his ultra-timely condemnation of Wall Street at the expense of Main Street. It's catchy and gets his message across with a lot of twang. However, Rich is never one to go gingerly in his starting his views - a failure of The Good Lord and the Man, »»»