Atkins knows the (SEC) score
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Atkins knows the (SEC) score

Wednesday, August 24, 2011 – Rodney Atkins will use his football knowledge to pick his top games on the SEC football fan site Southern Pigskin. The site asked Atkins to be its celebrity game predictor, while learning more about the singer during the season.

Atkins is currently sitting inside the Top 10 with his fastest rising single to date Take A Back Road from the upcoming release of the same name on Oct. 4.

"We are honored to have Rodney picking games with us," says Southern Pigskin publisher B.J. Bennett. "Rodney and his music are as much about the southern culture as football is in the south. He touches people through the words in his songs. He is much ACC, SEC and Southern Conference as we are. He knows college football, especially the southern football leagues. He almost beat me. It's going to be another wild and crazy year of football and we can't wait."

Atkins said, "The energy of college football rivals that of a live performance for me. I am an extremely analytical guy and predicting these games is right up my alley, especially with a little luck thrown in. It is even more fun when I am winning and I have to say, I have fared quite well in my predictions. This season is going to be an exciting and unpredictable one, and I look forward to seeing my winning percentage every week."

Atkins played baseball in college and continues to coach little league when his schedule allows. He will go to his hometown in east Tennessee later this week for a GAC "Origins" taping that is set to air in October. Then it is back to Nashville to shoot the video for the single with award-winning film and TV director Andy Tennant (Sweet Home Alabama, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Bounty Hunter and many more), before heading back out on tour.

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