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Yoakam announces first disc in seven years

Thursday, July 19, 2012 – Dwight Yoakam will release his first new studio album of new songs in seven years, "3 Pears" (Warner Bros. Records) on Sept. 18.

The 12-track release, his 26th, is produced by Yoakam, along with 1 songs co-produced with Beck; A Heart Like Mine and Missing Heart.. Fans can hear a teaser of the song Trying at Yoakam's newly launched web site.

Songs on the CD are:

1. Take Hold Of My Hand

2. Waterfall

3. Dim Lights, Thick Smoke

4. Trying

5. Nothing But Love

6. It's Never Alright

7. A Heart Like Mine

8. Long Way To Go

9. Missing Heart

10. 3 Pears

11. Rock It All Away 12. Long Way To Go (Reprise)

Yoakam's last disc was the covers disc "Dwight Sings Buck" in 2007. Yoakam's last CD includinghis songs was "Blame the Vain"in 2005.

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