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2013 News Archives

December 2013

U2 returns to Island Records (The Guardian, December 29)

Bieber retires, or does he? (MTV, December 25)

Two Pussy Riot members freed in Russia (New York Times, December 23)

Three 6 Mafia's Lord Infamous dead at 40 (Rolling Stone, December 21)

Shakira announces '14 disc with RCA (Standard Time, December 17)

Nirvana, KISS, E Street Band, Gabriel voted into R&R Hall of Fame (Rolling Stone, December 16)

Target won't sel Beyonce album (Billboard, December 16)

Beyonce announces, releases new disc today (New York Times/ AP, December 13)

Jazz guitarist Jim Hall dies at 83 (New York Times, December 10)

Metallica freezes 'em all in Antartica (Billboard, December 8)

Congo soukous singer Tabu Ley Rochereau dies (New York Times, December 7)

The 2014 Grammy nominees (Los Angeles Times, December 6)

Gaga announces tour (Rolling Stone, December 3)

Joel announces Garden residency (Standard Time, December 3)

November 2013

Lostprophets singer pleads guilty to child rape (Huffington Post, November 26)

Springsteen announces new disc (Standard Time, November 25)

Haim sets tour dates (Pollstar, November 19)

Lady Gaga mixes art, pop at Brooklyn party (Billboard, November 11)

Monae postpones tour dates to rest voice (Rolling Stone, November 6)

October 2013

Jonas Brothers call it a day (New York Times, October 29)

Beck signs with Capitol, new CD coming in '14 (Standard Time, October 28)

Lou Reed dead at 71 (Rolling Stone, October 27)

Drummer Ronald Shannon Jackson passes (New York Times, October 23)

Third Eye Blind ordered to pay former guitarist $438K (Billboard, October 22)

NYC's Roseland Ballroom closing in April (Billboard, October 18)

McCartney plays Queens high school (New York Times, October 8)

Pogues guitarist Chevron dies at 56 (New York Times, October 8)

Imagine Dragons return to the road in January (Pollstar, October 7)

Michael Jackson promoter cleared in his death (New York Times, October 2)

September 2013

Spears announces Vegas residence, album release (Billboard, September 17)

Gucci Mane arrested in Atlanta (Atlanta Constitution, September 14)

Luscious Jackson is back (Standard Time, September 12)

Bruno Mars plays Super Bowl half-time gig (Billboard, September 8)

Dion is "back to life" (Standard Time, September 3)

Korn announces fall festival (Billboard, September 3)

Electronic Zoo canceled after two drug deaths (New York Times, September 1)

August 2013

Music Man Murray dies at 92 (Los Angeles Times, August 31)

McCartney announces "New" album (Standard Time, August 29)

House of Blues Boston shut due to drug overdeath death, investigation (Boston Globe, August 28)

Cyrus announces new disc (Standard Time, August 26)

The low down from the VMAs (New York Times, August 26)

Jazz pianist Cedar Walton dies at 79 (New York Times, August 20)

Miguel arrested on DUI charge (TMZ, August 15)

Blunt sets fourth disc for release (Standard Time, August 14)

Gaga seeks "Applause" (Billboard, August 13)

Katy Perry gives a "Roar" (Entertainment Weekly, August 13)

Jazz keyboardist George Duke dies at 67 (Roll, August 6)

Tuvan throat singing star dies at 51 (New York Times, August 3)

Ex-wife gets restraining order against Jack White (Rolling Stone, August 2)

July 2013

Frankie Ocean cancels Aussie shows, tears vocal cord (Billboard, July 26)

Springsteen let off for parking tickets (The Guardian, July 26)

Pearl Jam plays Wrigley until 2 a.m. (Chicago Sun Times, July 20)

Bluesman T-Model Ford dies in Mississippi (New York Times, July 18)

Mazzy Star announces first disc in 17 years (Rolling Stone, July 16)

Stone Temple Pilots tour with Linkin Park's Bennington (Spin, July 15)

A funny thing on the way to a Dave Matthews show (New York Times/ AP, July 15)

Appendicitis halts Elton John tour (Billboard, July 9)

Knopfler signs with Verve, September disc coming (Standard Time, July 8)

Kriss Kross member died of drug overdose (Entertainment Weekly/AP, July 2)

Lemmy ill, Motorhead cancels shows (Loudwire, July 1)

The Pixies announce tour (Standard Time, July 1)

June 2013

Avenged Sevenfold hail the king (Standard Time, June 27)

Fat Joe faces jail for tax evasion (New York Times/ AP, June 24)

Blues singer Bobby "Blue" Bland dies at 83 (New York Times/ AP, June 23)

Travis returns (Standard Time, June 19)

Cyrus premieres new video (Standard Time, June 18)

Drake announces tour (Standard Time, June 17)

Jay-Z announces new disc (Stereogum, June 17)

Kim Deal leaves The Pixies (Rolling Stone, June 14)

The Beach Boys putting out "Made in California" (Standard Time, June 12)

Mumford & Sons postpones tour dates due to medical emergency (Standard Time, June 11)

Phoenix announces fall shows (Pollstar, June 10)

Robert Randolph debuts new song (Standard Time, June 10)

NIN announces release, tour dates (Standard Time, June 6)

Sting announces new CD (Standard Time, June 5)

The Smashin Pumpkins release new version of "The Aeroplane Flies High" (Standard Time, June 5)

Sharon Jones battles cancer, cancels tour (Standard Time, June 3)

May 2013

Stars come out for Boston Strong fundraiser concert (Boston Globe, May 31)

Frank Ocean crosses the Pond (Standard Time, May 30)

Jazz pianist Mulgrew Miller dies at 55 (New York Times, May 30)

NIN readies new CD, signs label deal (Standard Time, May 27)

Ray Manzarek of The Doors dead at 74 (Entertainment Weekly, May 20)

Singer Alan O'Day dies at 72 (Los Angeles Times, May 20)

Psy goes to Harvard (Boston Globe/AP, May 9)

Randy Jackson leaves Idol (New York Times, May 9)

Slayer guitarist dies of cirrhosis (Slayer web site, May 9)

As I Lay Dying singer arrested on charge of plotting to kill wife (Billboard, May 7)

Aerosmith cancels Indonesia gig over bomb threat (Rolling Stone, May 5)

Stones open tour in LA (Los Angeles Times, May 4)

Pepsico drops Lil Wayne over lyric (USA Today/AP, May 3)

Slayer's Jeff Hanneman dies of liver failure (New York Times, May 2)

Chris Kelle of Kriss Kross dead at 34 (Billboard, May 1)

Guitarist Bob Brozman dies at 59 (New York Times, May 1)

April 2013

Neutral Milk Hotel reunites, tours (Los Angeles Times, April 29)

Beastie Boys plan memoir (New York Times, April 28)

Dropkick Murphys raise money for Boston Marathon victims (Pollstar, April 24)

3 Doors Down bassist charged in fatal accident (MTV, April 22)

Richie Havens dies of heart attack at 72 (Standard Time, April 22)

Pink Floyd album artist Storm Thorgerson dies (BBC, April 19)

BIffy Clyro cancels tour due to illness (Standard Time, April 17)

Scott Miller of Game Theory dies at 53 (Billboard, April 17)

The Deftones bassist dies at 42 after long illness (Rolling Stone, April 15)

Justin Bieber critized over Anne Frank House comments (New York Times/AP, April 14)

Bob Seger's biggest fan? (Pollstar, April 10)

Rolling Stones open tour in LA (Standard Time, April 9)

311 announces Unity Tour with Cypress Hill, G Love (Standard Time, April 8)

Kid Rock goes el cheapo on tour, and that's great for fans (Standard Time, April 8)

Producer Andy Johns dies, worked with Stones, Led Zep, Hendrix (Billboard, April 7)

McCartney is out there (Standard Time, April 4)

March 2013

Producer Phil Ramone dies at 79 (New York Times, March 30)

Stones headline Glastonbury (Billboard, March 27)

McCartney announces 2013 tour (Standard Time, March 21)

Michelle Shock rants on gays (Billboard, March 21)

Lil Wayne goes home from hospital after six days (MTV, March 18)

Timberlake slates second CD this year (Hollywood Reporter, March 18)

Austin police chief praises efforts in wake of SXSW deadly crash (Statesman, March 13)

Original Yes guitarist Peter Banks dies (Billboard, March 12)

Justin Bieber goes to hospital after fainting during show (The Independent (UK)(, March 8)

Rolling Stones likely to play U.S. tour (Billboard, March 7)

Ten Years After's Alvin Lee dies at 68 (New York Times, March 7)

Justin Bieber ticks off fans for late show (BBC, March 5)

Lamb of God singer found not guilty in Czech court (Rolling Stone, March 5)

February 2013

Former Allmans member Dan Toler dies at 65 (Ticket Sarasota, February 25)

Skyfall wins Oscar (Huffington Post, February 24)

Bluesman Magic Slim dies (New York Times/Reuters, February 21)

Kevin Ayers of Soft Machine dies (The Guardian, February 20)

Fergie is pregnant (Justjared.com, February 18)

Tony Sheridan, Beatles supporter, diese at 72 (The Guardian, February 18)

Tom Jones signs with Rounder (Standard Time, February 14)

Lady Gaga cancels tour due to hip problem (Standard Time, February 13)

Gaga postpones four shows for health reasons (Los Angeles Times, February 12)

Jay-Z, Timberlake plan stadium shows (Rolling Stone, February 12)

Phoenix announces shows (Rolling Stone, February 5)

Singer Reg Presley of The Troggs dies at 71 (WENN, February 5)

Beyonce announces world tour (Pollstar, February 4)

Fall Out Boy returns (Standard Time, February 4)

The Super Bowl in music (Billboard, February 3)

January 2013

Coachella sells out (Billboard, January 31)

Innovative jazz man Butch Morris dies at 65 (New York Times, January 30)

Atoms for Peace runs "Amok" (Standard Time, January 29)

Clapton records new disc for March release (Rolling Stone, January 29)

Chris Brown being investigated for possible assault (AP, January 27)

Ohio Players Leroy "Sugarfoot" Bonner dies at 69 (BET, January 27)

Paramore announces tour (Standard Time, January 27)

Hundreds killed in Brazil nightclub fire (New York Times, January 27)

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Phoenix, Blur play Coachella (Billboard, January 24)

Adele performs "Skyfall" at Oscars (Rolling Stone, January 23)

Mars Volta member unveils new band (NME, January 23)

Beyonce lip-synchs National Anthem at inauguration (Washingtonian, January 22)

Shakira gives birth (Standard Time, January 22)

Seger, Kid Rock plan shows together (Standard Time, January 17)

Scaggs plans new disc for March (Standard Time, January 15)

Bob Seger takes the road (Pollstar, January 10)

New song from Destiny's Child to appear on compilation (Rolling Stone, January 10)

Dr. Feelgood's Wilko Johnson has terminal cancer (Billboard, January 9)

Bowie releases new song, announces CD (Los Angeles Times, January 8)

Widespread Panic slates tour (Standard Time, January 8)

Frankie Ocean gets busted (V-103, January 3)

Bobby Womack tells about Alzheimer's fears (BBC, January 2)

Foster the People is back (Billboard, January 2)

Grohl confirms Sundance gig (Standard Time, January 2)

Paparazzi killed after photographing Justin Bieber (Los Angeles Times, January 2)

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