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Tracy Lawrence

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Tracy Lawrence feels strong (Mar 2004)
In the eyes of Tracy Lawrence, "Strong," his disc out in late March on DreamWorks, represents not only a debut for a hot label, but also a bid to resurrect his career. That from a man who started his career blazing with hit single after hit single only to endure domestic and legal problems, a suspension in effect from his long-time label and an album 2 1/2 years ago that despite lots of good music, failed to light a spark either at radio or with consumers. The Texas native is back with a mix that stays country while going for a bit more of a contemporary sound.... more
Lawrence leaves demons behind (Dec 2001)
Tracy Lawrence's life reads like some sad country song. Nasty divorce. Wild days, wilder nights and a few bullets in the gut. Yet, he persevered. Demons be gone, he may as well have said, because in the years since his stormy divorce, this straight country guy cleaned up whatever mess his life became. Music fans are the beneficiaries. As shown on his two most recent albums, 1999's revelatory "Lessons Learned" and his brand new self-titled disc, Lawrence's life comes through not as burdensome, but as real life troubles that he's endured.... more

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