Dale Watson

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Dale Watson chooses between God and whiskey (May 2006)
Dale Watson sums it up best with an old saying, "If you want to make God laugh, make plans." After recovering from a personal tragedy that resulted in a stint at a state mental facility, the Austin-based country traditionalist had planned on drastically scaling back his career, maybe even quitting music altogether. Why? His children - ages 13 and 7 - had moved with his ex-wife from Texas to Maryland, which proved problematic for the singer-songwriter.... more
Dale Watson lives in dreamland (Jun 2004)
Current photos of Dale Watson show a much older man than the one who stared out of the cover of his 1995 debut, "Cheatin' Heart Attack." Hair that was once dark brown is now entirely gray. There are a few more creases in his brow these days, and more than a little sadness in the eyes; more than one might expect from a man who's still only 40. He's still a handsome man - striking, even - and has preserved his wiry physique admirably. But it's clear that years of touring have had an effect.... more
For Dale Watson, his latest comes from suffering (Sep 2001)
As much of a clichˇ as it is to say it, from suffering oftentimes comes art. And Austin country singer Dale Watson might well agree. His new album, "Every Song I Write Is For You," released in late July on the Nashville-based Audium label, is a compelling and deeply personal account of love, loss, grief, and moving on, based on recent events in Watson's own life. The new album is easily Watson's best since 1997's "I Hate These Songs" and could well be regarded in years to come as his masterpiece. Time will tell. But the album came at a heavy price.... more
Watson, George, Holiday keep on truckin' in the '90's (Jul 2000)
To say that the ranks of the trucker country genre have thinned somewhat in the past 20 years would be an enormous understatement. The great names of the '60's and '70's are today either dead (Red Sovine, Dick Curless), far less active than they once were (Red Simpson, Dave Dudley) or retired altogether (C.W. McCall). At the same time, few younger artists have emerged to replace them. The result has been that the past two decades have probably represented the nadir of the trucker country... more
Dale Watson loves these songs (Jul 1997)
Dale Watson is an artist full of contrasts. He's at the forefront of a group of artists recording traditional country music, yet his biggest market is the United Kingdom. He's a favorite of the alt. country scene, yet he had never heard of Gram Parsons until years after the alt. country pioneer's death. He called his latest CD "I Hate These Songs," yet he wrote all 14 of the songs. And he's one of the best country artists today, yet most country fans are more likely to think of Disney's red-nosed chipmunk when they hear his name than this man with the big, slicked back black hair and sweet voice of Merle Haggard.... more
Watson finds cure for the rash (Jul 1996)
It turns out that Dale Watson got his "Nashville Rash" from close contact. It's been pretty much a deep dark secret, but Dale Watson was once a member of the artist roster of Curb Records. Watson's brief stint on Curb was unsuccessful enough to be easily kept secret, but he did actually have two singles released. Released to radio, at least, which, then as now, had little interest in Watson's honky-tonk vocals. Curb originally started as a production company, signing artists like The... more

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