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Allison Moorer

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Allison Moorer covers bases (Feb 2008)
Allison Moorer is less famous than her sister, Shelby Lynne or her husband, Steve Earle. But one might make a case that she can out-sing either of them. Each aforementioned artist is a singing stylist, whereas Moorer has a naturally beautiful and pure vocal instrument. And that strong voice of hers is especially showcased throughout "Mockingbird," Moorer's just released covers CD. Moorer put out her first album, "Alabama Song," in 1998, and probably received the most media attention with "A... more
For Allison Moorer, number two is the hardest part (Sep 2002)
One of the strongest country releases of 2000, Allison Moorer's sophomore disc, "The Hardest Part," solidified her rep as one of the modern era's most promising young female country singer/songwriters. A rumination on the downside of love, the album was by turns traditional (the title track, which Moorer performs live as part of a medley with the Rolling Stones' "Sweet Virginia"), soulful ("It's Time I Tried") and majestic ("No Next Time," with some terrific backing vocals from Lonesome Bob).... more
Allison Moorer finds the dark side in "The Hardest Part" (Oct 2000)
Allison Moorer is taking the "No" out of "No Depression." Her second MCA album, "The Hardest Part," is a series of songs that explore the dark side of love. It's country music from the old school of Mickey Newbury and pre-superstardom Willie Nelson, about the only other people to put out albums this unrelentingly bleak in tone. The disc's mood is no accident. "From the beginning, we knew we wanted to tell a story with this album," says Moorer. "That's how we went about writing it. It's the... more
With "A Soft Place to Fall," Moorer hopes to be on the rise (Oct 1998)
Many new country artists release a single or two, then maybe an album, and then they're forgotten within a year. Not Allison Moorer - her high-profile introduction made sure she wouldn't be overlooked. Her "A Soft Place to Fall" was chosen as the musical centerpiece for Robert Redford's critically acclaimed movie "The Horse Whisperer," and Moorer even got to perform the song in the movie as Redford slow-danced with co-star Kristin Scott Thomas.... more

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