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Hank Williams III

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Hank Williams III goes straight to hell (Mar 2006)
Hank Williams III not only shares his father's and grandfather's name, but he also seems to be a chip off the old block when it comes to blazing his own trail. Shelton, as the youngest of the Hanks is also known, certainly has his methodology. His songs can be steeped in traditional country as that of his grandfather (for the first time he even covers one of his songs on his new two-CD release, "Straight to Hell"), but he also has been known to go the speed metal root as a bassist with the late Superjoint Ritual and on his own, playing with Assjack and even mixing the two genres within the same performance.... more
Hank III still does it his way (Jan 2002)
There must be something inexplicably potent about the Williams music gene that compels its owners to excel in a variety of areas in an astonishingly brief period of time. Although Hank Sr. concentrated primarily on country music, he had a range that was impressive within the genre, and he revolutionized the way people considered country from that point on. There can be very little debate over the speed with which he accomplished that goal. Hank Jr. followed his daddy's legacy relatively... more
Hank Williams III: Like grandfather, like grandson (Oct 1999)
Like father, like son. Like grandfather, like grandson. That seems to be the unfolding story of Hank Williams III. With a set of sad songs in his heart, a trail of troubles in his recent past, the grandson and son of country music legends Hank Williams Sr. and Jr. came with a will to talk about it all. A recent feature in Rolling Stone told the world much about the young prodigy, who just released his debut, "Risin' Outlaw." In the story, Williams spoke and cursed openly of his drug problems and recent stay in a Los Angeles drug rehabilitation center.... more

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