Jack Ingram

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Is this it for Jack Ingram? (Mar 2007)
After more than a decade in the music business, Jack Ingram finds himself in enviable, but very unfamiliar territory. He is about to release his 15th album, with the possibly prophetic title of "This Is It," with the big mo' going into it because of the success he enjoyed on his previous disc. That is not something that the Texan has ever experienced before through stints on labels such as Rising Tide and Lucky Dog - both part of major labels - nor on his own, self-released discs.... more
Jack Ingram goes live, wherever you are (Jan 2006)
To say that Jack Ingram loves doing live albums is an understatement. His brand new, "Live Wherever You Are" continues the longstanding tradition of the Texas country rocker to go live, this time with a brand new Toby-Keith associated label. In fact, half of Ingram's 12 releases have been live. Let's see. There was "Live At Adair's" on the long since defunct Rising Tide label (1996), "Unleashed Live" with buddies Charlie and Bruce Robison (2000), "Live at Billy Bob's" (2003), "Acoustic Motel Live (2004) and "Happy Happy...Live at Gruene Hall" (2004).... more
With Electric, Jack Ingram pulls out everything but the plug (Jun 2002)
Drop the disc in the tray and press 'play' on Jack Ingram's new album, "Electric," and you'll hear the snarling, nasty choogle of a guitar that sounds like a dead ringer for T. Rex's late guitar icon Marc Bolan. From the chugging rock of "Keep On Keepin' On" to the rock-smoked honky tonk of "We're All In This Together," "Electric" proves that it's worth its wattage, and that it more than deserves the title it's been given. "That's kind of the point," drawls Jack Ingram of the amped up... more
Ingram follows footsteps of fellow Texan (Jun 1997)
You hear so much about all of the singers and musicians from Austin that it's easy to forget that there a lot of other cities in Texas, and they all have musicians of their own. Jack Ingram has become such a darling of the alternative country world that there are probably a lot of people who lump him in with the Austin crowd. But Ingram is from Dallas, a city he considers to be different in every way. "Dallas has a real heavy alternative rock scene," says Ingram, "Austin seems to be more... more

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