Jeannie Kendall

All The Girls I Am – 2005 (CBUJ Entertainment)

Reviewed by George Hauenstein

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Jeannie Kendall burned up the country charts in the 1970s and 1980s with her late father, Royce. The Kendalls had many radio hits including "Heaven's Just A Sin Away," "The Pittsburgh Stealers," Making Believe" and "Teach Me To Cheat." Jeannie's voice back then was commanding, and their sound was refreshing, especially given the state of country at the time.

Kendall's new album, though not necessarily the country album one might expect, shows that her voice is a strong and pleasing as ever. The Music Row sound is certainly represented here with songs like "Your Picture, Your Pillow & Me," "(Somewhere Between) Heaven & Mexico" and "Just A Memory." But just as many of them have more of a pop flavoring, including "You Just Don Get Me, Do You?," "Wild Honey" and the title cut, which features some very tasteful penny whistle instrumentation.

Fans looking for Kendall to pick up where The Kendalls left off will likely be disappointed. But the good news is that she is back, sounds as good as ever, and has compiled a terrific album with strong material, stretching her musical boundaries.