Maria McKee

Acoustic Tour 2006 – 2006 (Cooking Vinyl USA)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

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Maria McKee appropriately opens her CD with the traditional "This World Is Not My Home" This woman knows a thing or two about artistic homelessness. An original cowpunkette with Lone Justice, McKee has also resided in Suffragette City glam and faux Broadway drama and occasionally revisits roots rock folks back home.

McKee accompanies herself on acoustic guitar and piano and is aided by Susan Otten's vocal help, though where it was recorded is not disclosed. Less is always better with McKee and instrumental accompaniment. She revives Lone Justice memories with "Shelter" and the teary "Don't Toss Us Away," while strolling along The Great White Way for "High Dive." Sadly, "You Gotta Sin to Get Saved," McKee's 1993 hillbilly revival meeting, is unrepresented.

Maria McKee may not have a permanent stylistic residence - it is doubtful she sincerely wants one. But who cares? It is an adventurous joy to follow her wherever she goes.