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Spanic Boys

Sunshine – 2007 (Cinaps)

Reviewed by Jacquilynne Schlesier

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"Sunshine" is an unlikely name for the newest album from father-son team Tom and Ian Spanic and their band. While the album contains several songs that are up-tempo, there's not one that could be accurately described as upbeat. Any light that shines doesn't penetrate its dark corners.

It's not that the Spanic Boys are bleak or depressing, but their perspective on the world includes a whole lot of heartache. Even the two love songs, the title track and "Hold Me," are about clinging to each other against troubles from the outside world. The disc's catchiest track, the scorching and humorous "Didn't Love You Anyway," is about a bad breakup. And it's not alone - fully half the songs are dedicated to the wreckage of failed or still failing relationships.

While the lyrics come in various shades of black, the music is a broader mix. Wicked guitar licks dominate the Spanic Boys' sound, which pulls strains from rock and roll, rockabilly and country and blends them into a neat package. They play and sing together with the kind of unity that only family acts can really pull off. Put this disc on when you want to hear some tightly crafted, straightforward roots rock - just don't expect it to cheer you up.