Robbie Fulks

Revenge! – 2007 (Yep Roc)

Reviewed by Andy Turner

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With a highly regarded live show, it's about time Robbie Fulks finally put out a record of it. Actually, this is a 2-disc, 23-track record that brings together two performances from last year.

The first disc, recorded in Champaign, Ill., with Fulks' excellent road band, starts with the new and very funny "We're On the Road," which gets things off to a good-natured, goofy start complete with a fake call from Yep Roc's head telling him he's past due for a new release. Two other new songs are also included, including the heartfelt, harmonizing "You Don't Mean It" and "Fixin' to Fall," a perfect honky-tonker co-written with Dallas Wayne. Old faves "The Buck Stops Here," "Let's Kill Saturday Night" and especially "The Cigarette State" are done with exciting, honest intensity.

An acoustic show recorded in Chicago makes up the second and is just as fun, if a little more low-key. Fulks shows his traditional side with well done covers of the bluegrass standard "Bluebirds Are Singing for Me" and the Carter Family favorite "Away Out on the Old Saint Sabbath," with guest Kelly Hogan. He also turns in an enthusiastic, somewhat serious take on Cher's "Believe." All in all, "Revenge" is a terrific sampler of the many sides of Robbie Fulks and a terrific time to boot.