Larry the Cable Guy

Christmas Time in Larryland – 2007 (Jack/Warner)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

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Larry The Cable Guy will make you giggle embarrassedly now and again, but you won't feel good about it. Larry is a Blue Collar comedy team member, the one with the "Git-R-Done!" catchphrase, and this holiday offering is a redneck's perspective on Christmas.

Larry recorded this CD to make it sound like a TV special soundtrack. For instance, there's an announcer who outros imaginary commercial breaks now and again. This is not the material you see on network television, however. One of its early bits is titled "Lapquest." But instead of an internet map guide, this site helps perverts find the nearest titty bar in town. Not sure if "Farting Jingle Bells," which might only go over well with boys in elementary school, would make it onto the small screen. Furthermore, many of these segments read a whole lot better than they sound. "Tobacco Company Choir," where a choir sings Christmas carols using those creepy electronic voice boxes, just isn't funny.

This is like spending Dec. 25 with a relative who never cleans house: You may not have a terrible time, but you'll certainly need a shower afterwards.