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Doug Stone

My Turn – 2007 (Progression)

Reviewed by John Walker

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Doug Stone has been around country music for a while, but never achieved the notoriety of some of his peers with many peaks and valleys. Stone had complete control on this project. He is reunited with the A-team Nashville players, which carried him to previous success, chose all the songs and produced.

Stone is at his best with the slower ballads, such as the first single, "Nice Problem," where he is able to show off his amazing voice control. The Kim Williams song achieves its goal of tugging on your heartstrings.

Stone excels on slower songs where his singing abilities frame each song. Another Kim Williams song titled "Don't Tell Mama," done a few years ago by Gary Allan, and "Dancing On Glass" are highlights as well.

Stone attempts to attract an audience by touching on everything country music should here. He has drinking, lost love, partying and hard living. He has carefully crafted this project himself to hit his mark.