The Lucky Tomblin Band

Red Hot From Blue Rock – 2007 (Texas World)

Reviewed by Robert Wooldridge

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The title of the Lucky Tomblin Band's latest refers to the studio (Blue Rock Artist Ranch) near Austin where the disc was recorded. Lackluster vocals, however, make the "Red Hot" part accurate only in the sense that the closing track is a cover of the rockabilly classic by that title.

Tomblin's vocals appear on only four tunes, including uninspired renditions of Mel Tillis's "Honky Tonk Song" and Hank Williams's "Howlin' at the Moon." Particularly disappointing is the low energy delivery of "Red Hot," which pales in comparison to the classic '50s version by Billy Lee Riley.

While others take turns with equally unimpressive vocals, the musicianship is stellar throughout, particularly with guitarist Redd Volkaert (Merle Haggard) and pianist Earl Poole Ball (Johnny Cash).

Bassist Sarah Brown contributes the two strongest tracks with the originals "Don't Forget to Dip the Girl" (co-written with Rosie Flores) and "Good Lookin' No Good."

Despite some good song selections and fine playing, this is a largely uninteresting collection.