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Haywire (MCA Nashville, 2009)

Josh Turner

Reviewed by Robert Loy

There are two versions of Josh Turner's fourth CD - standard and deluxe. The deluxe has the same 11 tracks as the standard, plus (among other goodies) live versions of previously released songs Long Black Train and Your Man .

But don't spend more money than you have to; if it's redundancy you're looking for, there's plenty to be had on the standard version. Turner has a compelling baritone, but the songs on here feel like they followed the standard 2010 country CD checklist. One song that mentions every country cliche from grandparents and Christmas to butter beans and wheelbarrows - check ( Your Smile ). One daddy song - check ( I'll Be There ) One song of innocuous lust - Check ( Lovin' You on My Mind ) Double check - ( I Wouldn't Be A Man ) Triple check - ( Haywire ) Quadruple check - ( Eye Candy )(bonus points to the latter for rhyming "kisses" with "delicious" and "nutritious".) And of course one gospel-lite song to close things out The Answer Check. (Admittedly since Turner has made no secret of his devout Christianity, this one feels less like an album rounder-outer and more like something Turner probably had to fight the suits to include.)

If you believe it's the singer not the song that matters, you can't go wrong with Josh Turner. If you like a little meat with your overdone potatoes, you'll just have to wait for him to find something better to wrap his vocal cords around than this platter of platitudes.

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