Will Kimbrough

Wings – 2010 (Daphne)

Reviewed by Andy Turner

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On his fifth solo effort, Will Kimbrough succeeds with a simple, but soulful approach that is as engaging as it is quietly low-key. An in-demand songwriter, he has plenty of nuggets on "Wings" that will likely attract the interest of other performers. The title track was co-penned by Jimmy Buffett, who includes his version of the song on his latest effort along with two other Kimbrough co-writes and Daddy's Nobody from Nowhere.

Kimbrough has indicated his novel intention (it's 2010, goshdarnit!) that "Wings" be listened to and considered as a whole album. Obliging Kimbrough's wishes is undoubtedly rewarding as you become immersed in the subtlety intriguing instrumentation, the hopefulness in his voice and Kimbrough's (and his co-writers') more than capable way with words, which skillfully sort through the pleasures and pains of daily life, especially as a member of a family. If you insist on pulling out just a few songs, go for the slinky It Ain't Cool, Let Me Be Your Frame, featuring a gorgeous duet with Dawn Kinnard or the radio-ready Big Big Love, one of three songs here spotlighting the distinctive lyrical skills of Jeff Finlin. Then again, scratch that, Kimbrough's latest is really worth your full attention.