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Matt Kennon

The Call EP – 2010 (BamaJam)

Reviewed by Andrew W. Griffin

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As a teaser for his forthcoming debut album, singer Matt Kennon - yes, singer, that deep, gravelly-voiced guy performing the country radio hit The Call is singing - has released a three-song EP of songs that features the aforementioned hit. Now, Kennon may not be a sweet-voiced Rascal Flatt or a member of pop-country group Lady Antebellum, yet like some of the new breed of outlaw country performers doesn't let the Georgian's unique voice get in the way of a good song. If anything, it distinguishes him from some of the blander-sounding voices coming out of Nashville.

The Call, is about people facing difficult choices in life who considered making rash, irreversible decisions - until they got that call from a friend who cares. It's a powerful song - 'what you say may seem so small, but who knows, they might be glad you called. So make the call."

Musically treading territory familiar to fans of Brooks and Dunn or even Rodney Atkins, Kennon, vocally, punches up the peppy The Man I Used To Be, a decent track but not as powerful as The Call.

Kennon takes the gloves off and gets righteously indignant on Some People P*ss Me Off. In these days of bank bailouts and economic woe, along with stories of bad guys getting away with all sorts of things, this song pushes some buttons, for sure.

Kennon may not be for everyone, but for those who like a voice that is a little different and song lyrics that dig a little deeper, this self-titled EP may be what you're looking for.