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Flynnville Train

Redemption – 2010 (Next Evolution)

Reviewed by C. Eric Banister

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On their sophomore release, Flynnville Train continues rolling with their brand of Indiana-steeped Southern Rock cranking up the guitars and forging their own path. Having left their major label deal with Show Dog, Flynnville Train is free to put on record the kind of music they are known for in their live shows - country music with Molly Hatchet-style guitars in your face.

But the music isn't all power chords as the lyrics show a deep connection with tradition and a working class audience. Disc standouts such as 33 Steps pay respect to performers who have come before and Friend Of Sinners shines a light on their beliefs. Another highlight is Alright co-written by, and featuring on vocals and guitar, Dan Baird.

The lyrics help the band fit snuggly into where country radio lives today, while the rocking guitars might keep it off the airwaves. Even so, on a hot summer day, cranking these tunes while rolling down the highway will have a smile on your face.