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Those Darlins

Screws Get Loose – 2011 (Oh Wow Dang)

Reviewed by Sara Hetland

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At first glance, the young, often clothing-deprived women in Those Darlins come off as pure novelty, a creation aimed at pleasing libidos rather than ears. So when their 2009 debut album was released, its success amongst even jaded music critics was a pleasant surprise. The band, made up of a trio of women on guitar, bass and ukulele, as well as a male drummer, specialize in lowbrow, but witty ditties that often focus on getting drunk and eating chicken. Hailing from Tennessee, their first album was part-country, part-punk.

Their second album, "Screws Get Loose," throws in a bit of a surf rock to the mix. It's a sound that has grown popular as of late thanks to bands such as Best Coast, but Those Darlins don't add much to the formula beyond some extra snarls. The girls' vocals aren't for everyone: Their singing could even be described as "grating," but it works with their tough-comes-before-pretty aesthetic. When they sweeten things up a bit with Boy and Waste Away, the result is actually a bit dull. The most enjoyable songs are the insanely catchy first two: the title track Screws Get Loose and the silly but straightforward Be Your Bro.

"Screws Get Loose" is akin to the crazy parties Those Darlins seem to love so much. It's fun, energizing, and may leave you with a childish smile at first, but it's not something you'll want to give a spin every single evening.