Eddie Spaghetti - The Value of Nothing
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The Value of Nothing (Bloodshot, 2013)

Eddie Spaghetti

Reviewed by Larry Stephens

If you took Bob Seger and worked him over a while with a wood rasp, then you might get Eddie Spaghetti, metamorphically speaking. While on the subject, his music might best be called contact metamorphism, where Spaghetti's music is the magma being injected into country rock. This isn't music you would play at a church picnic. Spaghetti, aka the lead singer of The Supersuckers, wasn't very happy with the world when he penned Fuckin' With My Head, but his mood lightens - though his trust of the world doesn't improve - when he offers the advice that People Are Shit. Layered with the sounds of a Mexican band, replete with accordion, you almost get the happy vision of your arm around your significant other, saying,

"Now call me when you there, I got a feeling about tonight,
I don't mean to scare you, just need to know that you're all right
But what's paranoid freak good for if I can't make everybody see,
That people are shit and life is fucked ..."

It sort of gives you a warm glow, doesn't it? You've probably felt that way before without expressing it quite that way.

When I Go, I'm Gone is a dismal reflection of life set in an infective beat, calm and quiet compared to many of the tunes, but he makes clear his view on the afterlife with the title. Empty is another cut with music that attracts your interest while the message leaves you, well, empty. Life has sucked him dry and left nothing inside. Waste Of Time, like most of the cuts, is bunches of fun musically though it may be bad advice for your honey-do list: "Just a waste of time, don't even do it; I thought that I might then said 'well, screw it'" That might equate to a knot on your head or a night in the doghouse (or both), which might change your message when you look her in the eye and say, "If Anyone's Got The Balls - ouch."

Spaghetti's music is fun to listen to, it hooks you, you find yourself trying to jive with it even if you don't have a jive bone in your body. A lot of people will find his lyrics crude. You may think, at times, that people are shit, but standing up and singing about it just isn't done. It will probably sound better with each beer you down, especially if there are a lot of them and the time is short. But Spaghetti isn't likely to care one way or the other. His press release talks about "... his liftime traveling to two-bit hotels and dumpy backstages [to play to] the adoring masses ..." It may be hard to imagine him on stage before a packed audience of thousands, weaving while they hold their lighters (or, nowadays, cellphones) in the air, but he'll just tell you he's got the balls to do whatever it takes to keep pumping out his music.

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