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Krystal Keith

Whiskey & Lace – 2013 (ShowDog Nashville)

Reviewed by Jeffrey B. Remz

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Krystal Keith has a tremendous amount to overcome. First and overwhelmingly foremost is her name. It so happens that her father is Toby Keith, who also owns her record label. The first obvious question is whether Keith would get a record contact if not for her last name. The answer is not entirely clear.

Keith fares best when she adds a bit of a bluesy feel to the songs, particularly Can't Buy You Money, although there are a lot of other singers (including her father), who would do a far better job on it. Down in the Muddy Water and Him And This Tattoo both work for Keith.

The vocals are no more than mediocre on the bouncy What Did You Think I'd Do with a limited vocal range. It'd work a lot better for Toby, who has a lot of color and timbre in his voice. Ditto for the ballad Beautiful Weakness where Keith the elder sings.

The younger Keith gets very treacly on Daddy Dance With Me, although it's hard to knock the theme of the song. Keith wrote it for her own wedding as a surprise to her father. One could readily understand how the song could become popular at weddings, but it's over the top as a recorded song and not all that good a melody.

She also has a few songs that are lyrically clunky. Cabo San Lucas sounds like it could have been a true story about going to the Mexican resort, but it's not all that interesting. And how many more songs do we need about rednecks and beer (the ballad Get Your Redneck On)?

It helps to have friends in high places. Krystal Keith is evidence of that.