Travis Whitelaw - Beer...& Booty
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Beer...& Booty (Skull Bros, 2014)

Travis Whitelaw

Reviewed by Robert Loy

Give Mr. Whitelaw credit for one thing. He is not guilty of false advertising. Every song on here is about either suds or sex and suds and sex - with two possible exceptions: "Chokin' The Chicken" is an instrumental (though judging by the title it's meant to serve as mood music for solo sex), and "Dumass" (sic) which is a hip hoppy critique of someone with limited mental skills and even then the examples cited stay in the same realm such as "You hit on a stripper in a biker bar while her boyfriend was standing right there." There are no liner notes so who the song is about is a mystery, but it probably should be directed toward the guy who designed the CD case (about which more in a moment).

Some of the songs from the New York City singer are mildly amusing, although the listener can usually tell exactly where the song is going to go based on titles like "Drank Beer, Got Drunk, Went to Jail" and "Don't Ask and I Won't Tell." Whitelaw's enthusiasm for the subjects is obvious, but his vocal range is limited and the song lyrics are just south of clever and could have used a second draft - no pun intended.

No doubt the people who still care at all about CD design is a small number, but did nobody at Skull Bros think to unfold this CD case and see that Travis is looking away from the bootylicious babe with the Daisy Dukes and a six-pack of brews? What exactly is he leering at now? Were they all so blitzed on Blatz that it never occurred to them what an easy fix this would be? Talk about a dumass. Make that dumbass.

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Beer...& Booty, 2014

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