The Wild Reeds - The World We Built
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The World We Built (Dualtone, 2017)

The Wild Reeds

Reviewed by Lee Zimmerman

Following on the heels of their earlier EP, 2015's "Best Wishes," The Wild Reeds' debut, "The World We Built," finds the band again implementing an ability to create a celebratory sound built from euphoric harmonies and an uplifting form of expression. With three singers (Kinsey Lee, Sharon Silva and Mackenzie Howe) at the fore, the enthusiasm is obvious in practically every note and nuance, whether it's the good natured bounce of "Only Songs," the lilt and sparkle of "Everything Looks Better (In Hindsight)" or the hushed happenstance that fills "The World We Built." It's that variation in tone and treatment that allows The Wild Reeds to ramp up their approach and sustain the energy from track to track.

While that variance which is evidence throughout, it's especially impressive in light of the fact that so many bands these days seem intent on being typecast by choosing an easy handle. With that in mind, credit the LA-based group for not only shifting their stance with practically every song, but also by building on individual melodies to create a certain tension that allows individual songs to start off softly and then slowly gather momentum until they eventually crest and peak. They use that ability with especially good effect in such entries as the aptly titled "Fruition" and the darkly tangled "Fix You Up," and the ultimate effect makes for a sound that's both expansive and exhilarating.

Clearly, The Wild Reeds have created a formidable start for their collective career, an accomplishment that not only elevates them among the competition, but also singles them out for success all at the same time. "The World We Built" is, true to its title, carefully constructed, and the results suggest that their world is already well inhabited.

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The World We Built, 2017

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