McCreery will "Rise and Fall"
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McCreery will "Rise and Fall"

Friday, March 1, 2024 – Triple Tigers recording artist Scotty McCreery will release his fifth studio album, "Rise and Fall," on May 10.

The disc contains 13 songs examining themes of heartbreak, rowdy nights, nostalgia, faith, newfound joy, fatherhood and enduring love. McCreery released the song "Slow Dance" last night.

McCreery co-wrote 12 of the 13 songs on the album, which will be released digitally as well as on CD and vinyl.

"I know every artist says it, but this is truly my favorite album I've made so far," said McCreery. "I wanted to create an album that reflected the music I grew up on and wasn't chasing trends. So, I brought several of my songwriting buddies to the mountains of North Carolina to sit down and write a full-on country album that told a story, start to finish, and spoke to my soul. We've been performing most of the album live on the road, and the response from the audiences has been overwhelming. I can't wait for everyone to hear 'Rise and Fall',"

"Rise and Fall" was produced by longtime collaborators Frank Rogers, Aaron Eshuis and Derek Wells.,

"I feel like we're on the rise now, but I've fallen pretty low as well," McCreery said. "I learned from every little part of that, and it helped me to know who I was as a person – let alone an artist. The rises and the falls helped craft these songs. They made this album what it is."

With last night's release of "Slow Dance," written by McCreery with Brent Anderson, Derek George and Monty Criswell, McCreery looks for an exit to life in the fast lane, dropping everything to focus on what matters most. Lyrics include:
"Baby, you're my slow dance
To Whitley in the kitchen
Taking my hand, and all of my attention
Cheek to cheek across the floor
When I need to shut the door
On a world that's always moving so fast
Baby, you're my slow dance

"I am not the greatest at doing social media, but my team encourages me to do it," said McCreery. "A few months back, I was waiting on some hibachi takeout and listening to the new tracks in my truck. I filmed a quick video of me singing along with 'Slow Dance' and posted it on my socials, picked up my takeout food, and went home to eat dinner with Gabi. I looked at my phone that evening and the song had blown up; it's now my most watched TikTok video to date. Over the last few weeks, anytime I post a photo on social media, the response I get back is 'that's when are you putting 'Slow Dance' out?' I'm excited to finally put it out."

"Slow Dance" is the fourth song released from the album, following lead single "Cab in a Solo" and tracks "Can't Pass the Bar" and "Love Like This."

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