Rhett leads chart

Sunday, October 11, 2015 – Thomas Rhett has the best selling country disc in the U.S. with "Tangled Up," his second CD.

Billboard reported Sunday that the disc sold 32,000 units, down 58 percent from his debut week. Rhett is seventh on the overall chart, down one.

George Strait's "Cold Beer Conversation" was second on the country chart and eighth overall, down four, with 32,000 units sold, down 63 percent. Luke Bryan was third and ninth overall with "Kill the Lights," which sold 30,000 units, up 4 percent.

Don Henley's "Cass County" fell from first to fifth on the country chart from third to 10th on the overall chart with 29,000 units sold, down 67 percent.

Janet Jackson led the overall chart with "Unbreakable," selling 116 units.

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