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Time isn't on my side (Dec 2006)
I should know better by now. In fact, I do know better. I know they're lying when they try to lure me in, promising it'll be different this time. I'm completely onto their game. But somehow or other I fall for it time and again. No, I'm not talking about Sarah Evans inviting my wife and me over for another "quiet, wholesome" evening at home. I'm talking about those damn lists that media people love to make, especially at this time of year. The latest one to roil my blood pressure is Time  ...
Stop a hundred people on the street, and ask them what is the greatest country song of all time, and odds are 99 of them will say "He Stopped Loving Her Today." (The one-hundredth one will be me, and I'll tell you that the greatest country song of all time is Eddy Raven's "I've Got Mexico," but that's another story for another time.) We all know the legend behind this song: how George Jones bet producer Billy Sherrill a hundred bucks the song would never be a hit because it was too morbid.  ...
Ya know, there have been so many songs about dance in a metaphorical sense - "The Dance"; "Life's a Dance"; "I Hope You Dance" - that when Brad Paisley sings "We Danced" I honestly can't tell if he and his ladyfriend are shaking their booties or searching their souls. But I can tell you that as I was dancing the aisles of my favorite mart the other day I came across something I had never seen before. A bag of George Jones Brand Dog Food. Yeah, that George Jones. They had a picture of the peerless Possum posing with a playful pooch (say that three times fast) on the front of the bag.  ...
The Possum is back (Nov 1998)
It didn't take too too long for George Jones to find a new record label. After splitting with MCA earlier this year, The Possum just signed with Asylum. The move made sense as Asylum is run by Jones' former publicist, Evelyn Shriver, who seems to have a ken for older stars who are no longer getting their due. MCA got kicked in the teeth for letting Jones go. (Whatever happened to the prestige factor of having certain artists on a label?) and defended itself in terms of record sales.  ...

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