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Lee Ann Womack doesn't leave any room for doubt on her seventh release, "There's More Where That Came From." Instead of the sometimes more contemporary sounds of her last studio CD, "Something Worth Leaving Behind" from 2000, the fiddle playing of Aubrey Haynie comes through loud and clear from the get go on the title track, meaning that Womack is returning to a far more classic country sound and attitude. And while Womack did not have a hand in producing this album - Byron Gallimore did 12 of the 13 songs - the sounds and direction of the new disc are no mistake. The album even contains honest to goodness cheating songs.  ...
Coming on the heels of the most successful album in her career, Lee Ann Womack should be riding high with a new album out and the title track near the top of the singles charts. In fact, Womack, 36, seems conflicted between the art of making music and the need to enable her record company to wrack up boffo numbers at the cash register. And instead of the constant touring grind, which so many artists must do to push their latest album, that's not going to be the case with Womack even though she is at a high point in her career.  ...
First single from a new artist climbs up the charts. You'd think the singer would be ecstatic watching her career on the rise especially with a traditional sound during a non-traditional sounding era. But the experience of seeing "Never Again, Again" rise and then stagnate before becoming a break out hit left Lee Ann Womack feeling glum. She probably got glummer when her second album was derailed due to her record label folding. Womack, not seemingly one attuned to how many albums she's scanned, took time off to have her second child, a risky break in the ever fickle flavor-of-the-month record business.  ...
If there is one thing that most "overnight sensations" have in common, it's that they've been working for years to get the opportunity to come from out of nowhere to the top of the charts. Thirty year old Lee Ann Womack is no exception. Hardly anyone had heard of her before the release of her first Decca single, the remarkably retro sounding - and surprisingly successful - "Never Again Again." But she's been working on a country music career even longer than she can remember.  ...

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