Bill Anderson

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Bill Anderson whispers his way through bluegrass (Dec 2007)
Bill Anderson he may not be loud and flashy, but he has quietly written some of the greatest songs in country music, including "Po' Folks" and "Tip of My Fingers." Connie Smith, Hank Locklin, Porter Wagoner and Jim Reeves all recorded his songs. This gentle gentleman from Columbia, S.C. is also a fine singer, and his most recent CD release draws upon the bluegrass influences of his youth. "Whisperin' Bluegrass" is evenly divided between secular and sacred songs. The first half is filled with sinful tunes about drinking, cheating and dying, whereas the second part could easily fit into a Sunday morning church service.... more
Whisperin' Bill finds a lot of things different (Nov 2001)
"I'll tell you an interesting comment that I think everybody on Music Row ought to hear," says Bill Anderson. "I've got a friend who had – it's been a couple of years ago – a 13-year-old son and an 8-year-old daughter. They were riding in the car one day, and they got to talking about what kind of music they liked, and they asked the little girl in the back seat and asked her what kind was her favorite. 'Well,' she said, 'I like country music, but why do they always use the same band?' Now, if an eight year old can tell that the records sound alike…"... more
Pssst...Pass it on, Bill Anderson is back (Sep 1998)
Bill Anderson should be a legend. As a recording artist, he has had 37 Top Ten country singles and ranked Number 24 of all-time through 1993 (according to Record Research Inc.). Anderson is also one of country's greatest songwriters, having written dozens of hits for other artists as well as most of his own. Either career alone would make him an all-time great. Having both at the same time was both incredible and unique. Yet his tremendous accomplishments are sadly obscure to much of today's audience.... more

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